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CRYENGINE is the first all-in-one development solution with truly scalable computation, multi-award winning graphics, state-of-the-art lighting, realistic physics, intuitive visual scripting, high fidelity audio, designer friendly AI and much, more - straight out of the box and with no additional royalties! CryEngine features are coded and written in C++, Lua, and C#.

During the course, your child will learn the following:

  • will be able to systematize and structure existing programming knowledge;
  • will learn or repeat the concepts of variables, loops, arrays, functions and classes, as well as topics of object-oriented programming related to game development;
  • will get acquainted with current trends in working with virtual reality and with the process of forming the architecture of the game;
  • will master the interface of the CryEngine 5, its basic tools, capabilities and operating principles, recognize its strengths and weaknesses;
  • will get acquainted with the algorithms and programming fundamentals for children in C#, gain skills in structuring code, optimizing projects and scripts;
  • will work with objects, textures, physics and animation, scenes, setting up artificial intelligence, lighting, sounds, music;
  • will be able to embody the majority of his fantasies in the game world and unique universes;
  • will learn how to search for bugs and fix them;
  • will present a finished project.

  • Module duration - 3 month
  • Age - from 13 y.o

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